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The PowerHouse ™ from Power Drives

Idle reduction technology has been identified as one of the easiest and most effective solutions to reducing noise, fuel costs, and emissions without significantly impacting railroad operations. The PowerHouse ™ from Power Drives doesn't reduce idling...


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Engineered in collaboration with one of the world’s leading diesel locomotive manufacturers, the PowerHouse ™ is designed to heat and circulate water or coolant through a locomotive engine block and cooling system. It will maintain a cooling system temperature of above 100°F even in the coldest of weather.

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The PowerHouse ™ from Power Drives is available in electric or diesel driven models.

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NEWS: Power Drives has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a SmartWay Verified Technology


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DWS 120 is EPA Verified Technology
PowerHouse Helps you meet EPA Tier 1 Nox limits
PowerHouse Saves Money on Fuel and Maintenance

Check these PowerHouse™ Advantages:

Smaller and more economical than competitive systems, it pays
for itself faster
Choose from self-powered or electric models to fit switchers or most any locomotive
Great for idle control savings and helps to meet environmental objectives
> Significantly lower Fuel Consumption
> Reduced Air Pollution
> Less Engine Noise
> Savings on Maintenance
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Power Drives manufactures EPA SmartWay verified technologies Power Drives is a Member of the  American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA)
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